Thursday, December 31, 2009

Your New Year's Resolution

So many New Year’s resolutions concern improving oneself. Tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, make a resolution to keep you and your loved ones safer. Be Red Cross Ready! It only takes three steps:

1. Build a Kit
2. Make a plan
3. Be informed

Don’t let disaster catch you off guard in 2010. For more information on emergency preparedness, visit

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Better to Give than Receive

The older I get, the more those early lessons my parents taught me prove to be true. One such lesson is that it is better to give than receive and it's always appropriate during the hectic holiday months.

It really hit home for me when I volunteered at the Louisville Red Cross and Louisville Professional Firefighters Union Local 345 23rd Annual Holiday Party on December 16. We got the opportunity to give a little bit of holiday cheer to over 300 Kentuckiana children who lost their belongings to home fires in the past year.

Being witness to that many young people getting to visit with Santa and not go home empty handed was quite a delight. However, the smile on faces of their parents and guardians was equally rewarding.

I had the privilege of speaking with Shawn, who takes care of her two grandchildren. She told me that they lost just about everything to a fire a few months ago. Thankfully, the family is getting back on its feet and Shawn had high praise for the Red Cross, an organization that until recently, she thought was just for donating blood. Our local chapter responds to about 25 home fires every month and provides victims with assistance for food, clothing, prescription medications, temporary shelter and other special needs a family may have. Shawn referred to the volunteer that helped her family as their "little angel." What was really moving was that Shawn, who didn't consider herself the "volunteer type," was so taken by her experience with the Red Cross that she now volunteers at her local animal shelter.

It truly is better to give than receive.

A Most Wonderful Party

I’m not sure who was more eager to watch Santa’s arrival at the Annual Holiday Party—the children, or their parents. There was lots of shouting and excitement as parents carried their kids to see the jolly man himself ride up in style atop a fire truck with flashing red and blue lights.

Since it was my first year, I tried to be everywhere at once. While waiting for their turn with Santa, children and their families could join Red Cross volunteers for crafts, games, face painting or snacks which included donated goodies from our friend Erica at Citizens for Cake!

Overall 71 families attended, and 163 Children sat on Santa’s lap to receive gifts donated by the Professional Firefighters Local Union 345. It was great to see the smile on each kids face as they received their bag of gifts, and also a great reminder of how good it feels to bring a little glimmer of hope to others during hard times.

Thanks to everyone for your donations and support of the party! Without you, it would not be possible 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't play with fire! ... Please :)

Waking up to a home filled with smoke is something no one expects and definitely not something anyone wants. That's just what happened this morning to families living in the Hunt Club Apartment Complex in Louisville. Luckily, everyone made it out safely, finding shelter across the street at the Auburndale Baptist Church or with family and friends. A total of six Red Cross workers were called in providing emergency assistance to 42 people.

By the time I arrived, the excitement had died down, but listening as our client caseworkers interviewed families (many of which lost everything) reinstated the importance of preparedness. Below are some tips that could just save your life, or just save you lots of money.

Make sure you have two escape routes planned. Some tenants from this morning’s fire climbed out of windows to escape.

Install smoke alarms! According to the National Fire Protection Association there were no smoke alarms present in 40% of home fire deaths that occurred from 2003 to 2006.

Make sure you have homeowners or renters insurance, which is offered by many car insurance providers. This will be a huge help during long-term recovery.

For more info on fire safety and preparedness, visit

Red Cross Disaster Action Team members Carrie Smith and Jammie Carlisle assist an apartment tenant after the fire.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way...

There's no feeling quite like the one you get from volunteering! I had the privilege of serving the servants if you will at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium last week as a wonderful team of health care providers and police officers administered H1N1 injections and kept the peace. The situation was far from a crisis like the recent ice and wind storms that have devastated our community over the last year, but putting a smile on the face of someone who had been outside administering a vaccine to people for 15 hours gave me a feeling of sheer delight. One student of the University of Louisville's School of Public Health told me and my fellow volunteers that we were the most important people there! I can't say I agreed with her, but she seemed overjoyed to have a cup of warm coffee in her hands. Simply providing some fine folks with coffee, sandwiches and fruit didn't seem like much initially, but the jovial response and genuine appreciation of the folks we provided canteen service to quickly changed my opinion. It just goes to show, that a little bit can go a long way.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Organizations in Fort Knox pulled together on Nov. 7 to help out the Fort Knox Red Cross. Every year, the Fort Knox Red Cross puts together a Santa’s Workshop where approved soldiers in need can shop for their families for free. To collect toys for the workshop, Knox Hills and the Bluegrass Sergeant Major Association hosted “Toy Trot”—a 5K walk/run. Participants were required to donate a toy or make a monetary donation.

A volunteer helps set up for Toy Trot.

Over 100 people attended and $109 was donated. The 114 toys collected flooded the lobby of the Fort Knox Red Cross. Keisha (a fellow AmeriCorps) and I later helped transport the toys to the Santa’s Workshop—a house that could give the North Pole a run for its money.

Just a section of the Fort Knox Red Cross Santa's workshop.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Stop by our Disaster Preparedness table at Mall of St. Matthews and Oxmoor Center Mall from 5-7 p.m. Saturday night. My fellow AmeriCorps members and I will be handing out Red Cross bags promoting both Halloween and Fire Safety during the malls store-to-store trick-or-treat. Each bag comes with a fire preparedness sheet, Red Cross magnet, 9 volt battery, Halloween safety tips and a few pieces of candy, of course. I hope to see you there!

In the meantime, here are some fun tips to follow this Halloween.

1. Map out the route that you plan to roam, so adults are assured you will find your way home!
2. From the bravest of superheroes to the noblest of knights, everyone should remember to bring their flashlights!
3. If you visit a house where a stranger resides, accept treats at the door and, please, don’t go inside.
4. When you get ready to put on your disguise, use face paint instead of masks, which will cover your eyes.
5. Always remember, before you embark, to wear light-colored clothing to be seen in the dark! (And remember to use reflective tape, even on bikes, skateboards and brooms!)
6. Whether you walk, slither or sneak, do it on the sidewalks and not in the street.
7. As you roam through the neighborhood collecting your treats, please look both ways before crossing the street! (And cross from the corner!)
8. Wigs, capes and costumes are flammable attire, so avoid open flames to prevent a fire!
9. Use a glow stick instead of a candle so your jack-o-lantern isn’t a safety gamble!
10. You may fly on a broom or a space ship from Mars, but please be on the lookout for drivers in cars! (And don’t hide between parked vehicles).
11. Monsters and zombies should stay off the lawn, and only visit homes with their porch lights turned on!
12. You may be dressed as a werewolf, a cat or a frog, but be cautious around strange animals, especially dogs.
13. Have a grown-up inspect your candy when you’re done trick-or-treating to remove open packages and choking hazards before eating.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Practice makes Perfect

This past Saturday, the Buffalo Trace Service Center in Georgetown, IN, partnered up with the Emergency Management Association (EMA), Crawford County Schools and their local Fire Departments for a disaster training exercise. The exercise revolved around a chemical leak resulting from a truck that lost control on Indiana Highway 66 crashing into the school parking lot on a “regular school day.” Participating kids were placed on buses, inside the school and in the parking lot.

Red Cross staff and volunteers assisted in feeding Emergency Workers, kids and their families. They also comforted the families of the kids who had been “affected” by the trauma as they would in the case of an actual disaster. Similar exercises take place at regional chatpers yearround, keeping staff and volunteers "Red Cross Ready" ;)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fire Prevention Week

Congratulations to Mr. Brad Jones, winner of an American Red Cross Disaster Kit. As part of Fire Prevention Week, chapter employees were given a goody bag containing fire safety and prevention tips, a 9-volt battery, LAC magnet and an Emergency Preparedness Checklist.

Everyone was asked to draw out their home emergency escape plans using the checklist floor plan. They labeled multiple exits and windows as well as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, disaster kits and first aid kits.

Even though Fire Prevention Week is almost over, it's never too late to safeguard your residence against fires.

Create your own emergency escape plan, indentifying two ways out of every room and a designated meeting spot outside. Install smoke alarms on every floor, inside bedrooms and sleeping areas, and don't forget to test them once a month and replace batteries as needed.

With that said, Happy Fire Safety Month!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CPR to the Rescue!

Above: Bullitt/Spencer County Red Cross manager Mike Crenshaw presents Mr. Hollis Cope with a certificate of recognition.

Outstanding Citizen. That’s what a certificate awarded to Mr. Hollis Cope read Tuesday morning during Bullitt County Fiscal Court. Cope, a resident of Mt. Washington, Ky., was recognized by the American Red Cross and members of the Fiscal Court for the “Extraordinary Personal Action” taken when he saved Mr. Danny Perkins, a fellow Calvary Christian Church member, using CPR on August 30.

After finding no signs of life, Cope administered CPR until EMS arrived. Having recently taken a CPR course, I can tell you how much work it takes to perform CPR for even just a couple of minutes, but the outcome can be extremely rewarding. Perkins is now fully recovered and on a family vacation in Florida.

Cope was trained in CPR at the Bullitt/Spencer County American Red Cross by Les Taylor, a trainer who has volunteered his skills and services to the chapter for over 25 years. Below is a list of upcoming CPR classes at the chapter located in Shepherdsville. Sign up by calling (502) 955-6259, and learn how you can change a life.

• Nov. 9 – Adult CPR/AED 6-10 pm
• Nov. 10 – Child/Infant CPR 6-10 pm
• Nov. 12 – First Aid 6-10 pm

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Information, Retention, and Inspiration. An Americorps kickoff

The members of Americorps drove to Lexington, Thursday, to go through training and officially kick off the year of public service for their respective posts.

The banquet hall was larger than I expected. There were Americorps from various locations and organizations. It felt like our own little United Nations.

We sat at our table and listened to the head of the Americorps in KY. and watched the posting of colors before we ate.

After we ate we had a motivational speaker, Jay McChord, talk to us about making a difference. He talked to us about his life. He also talked to us about who we were and what we could do.

After McChord was done talking we broke to check in and rest some before we started our training.

The three classes I chose for kickoff were "Working with the Media" presented by Angela Baldridge, "Disaster Preparedness" by David Clark, and "Prevent ,Prepare, and Respond," by Joe Proctor.

I took the media class on Thursday and the other two on Friday.

During the weekend I bonded with my coworkers, received training and made a pledge to do my best to represent Americorps and the Red Cross.

The weekend ended with Hasan Davis telling us his life story. As McChord, he told us how we will make a difference. I have to say, it was moving and gave me a stronger sense of purpose.

So I will spend the next year doing my best to help my community, to represent the Red Cross and Americorps in a positive light and leave knowing I made my little part of America a little bit better...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Visiting

On a tour of U.S. emergency response organizations, emergency managers from the Ukraine stopped by the Louisville chapter today to learn how the American Red Cross works with the government during disaster operations. With the language barrier breeched thanks to the wonderful translators, everyone was able to communicate clearly, and in spite of the serious subject matter, more than a few jokes were shared.

CEO Keith Alvey gave our visitors a crash course on disaster preparedness, response and recovery, but the area they were most interested in was the recruitment of disaster volunteers. At our chapter over 2600 volunteers not only help provide assistance during a disaster, but they help complete important everyday tasks as well.

To find out how you can help by volunteering at the Red Cross, click the Volunteer Match link on the right. To see more with our new friends from the Ukraine, check out our Flickr page.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's not easy being green.

This morning, I gave my first Community Disaster Education (CDE) talk at Yum Inc.

A CDE is an educational program given by the Red Cross to prepare individuals and companies for disasters.

Yum asked us to present a CDE due to September being "Disaster Preparedness" month.

I was not sure if I was ready, but it was something I had to do.

As a new Americorps member part of our job is to present CDEs. A CDE covers a range of disaster topics from fires to winter storms.

While the CDE covers a variety of disasters the presentation focuses on two areas.

The presentation consists of making both a disaster plan and an emergency kit for your home, business and travel.

I was nervous but it was not as scary as I was expecting. I still have work to do but I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Your Own Way

Garmin is not your friend. That’s something AmeriCorps volunteer coordinator, Keisha Mabry and I learned when we embarked on our visits to some of Louisville's regional community chapters located in Bardstown, Bowling Green, Paducah, Murray and Madisonville with our GPS “buddy” in his place on the windshield. But we soon found out this popular piece of technology was no friend of ours.

We were sure the winding yet scenic trip from Bardstown was a blip, but two weeks later it almost doubled our estimated travel time to Paducah and Murray.

Eventually Keisha and I decided it was in our best interest to ignore Garmin’s instructions. The rest of our trip, spent on Pennyrile Parkway and I-65, was met with constant protests including “re-calculating” and “turn around”, but we made it to our last destination in ample time.

Each visit was met with enthusiasm for new ideas and projects, and the feedback we received from the other chapters was worth the drive, but for future visits, I think we’ll stick with Google Maps.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Knock, Knock ...

Long time no blog, but there has been plen-ty going on in Disaster Services. Today we kicked off a canvassing project to raise home fire awareness. Each year the Louisville Chapter responds to an average of over 400 family fires in Kentuckiana; 40% of those fires occur in West Louisville.

Earlier today, Red Cross volunteers as well as volunteers from our project partner BB&T went door to door handing out bags containing information on fire safety and prevention as well as a 9 volt battery for smoke detectors. Groups will go out every Friday and Saturday in September with a goal of reaching 3,000 homes in the area; 25,000 by the end of National Red Cross Month in March. So keep an eye out. We just may be coming to your neighborhood.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help in a bucket

Even after the shelters closed, Red Cross volunteers kept busy visiting flood victims in the hardest hit areas of Kentuckiana. They made assessments and gave referrals to other agencies who could supply proper resources. The flooding affected many people, and some volunteers were suprised at the amount of stops they made while distributing clean-up kits and water. All together volunteers handed out 388 clean-up kits containing supplies like bleach, gloves, brooms and masks dontated by Meijer and Home Depot. Check out the video below to see a few of our volunteers in action.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Road to Recovery

The recovery process has begun and things are getting back to normal around here, well, as normal as you can get in disaster response. We closed our last shelter yesterday after ensuring everyone had a place to stay. But even with the shelters closed, our volunteers are still hard at work distributing clean-up kits and giving out referrals.

Friday I got a chance to tag along on one of our clean-up kit runs. While the size of the ERV (Emergency Response Vehicle) and LERV (. . . Giant Water Truck) may have been intimidating, the Red Cross symbol on the side of each vehicle let people know help had arrived.
Some were already busy cleaning up after the storm; others got to work as soon as they had a broom and bucket in hand.

Everyone we delivered to was happy to see us, and at the risk of sounding cheesey, I must admit the thanks we received made the heat, humidity and zig-zag streets of Louisville much easier to deal with.

And now that we're on the road to recovery, I have only one personal request: No more rain!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Water! Water! Everywhere!

I’ve only been with the chapter for a month, and this week was my first experience with disaster response. Since noon on Tuesday, my days have been filled with constant news updates and ringing phones. Why since only noon you may ask. Well, my role in responding to the disaster was delayed by my own flooding issue.

Finally outside the protective bubble of my alma mater, I attempted to drive my Volkswagen Beetle through three to four feet of water. That was at 8:30 a.m., before everyone had realized just how serious and extensive the storm was.

As rain continued to batter Kentuckiana, I searched for a service center to repair my flooded engine and quickly became absorbed in my own problem. Little did I know, my co-workers at the American Red Cross were worrying about my whereabouts even as many of them were busy answering phones and hard at work setting up shelters.

When I walked into the office at 11 a.m., I found everyone relieved to see me. That’s when I realized that my new position not only made me part of an organization, but a family as well. The staff and volunteers at the Red Cross are a very diverse group of people with a common goal—helping others.

The flooding gave me my first real taste of what being a member of the Red Cross “team” is all about. And just in case I forgot to say it before, thanks to everyone in Disaster Services for your concern. :D You guys rock!

Monday, August 3, 2009

This is how I blog

Hello to all! My name is Anna Rosales, and I’m the brand new AmeriCorps Public Relations Coordinator for the chapter. Over the next year I’ll be giving you all an inside look at the Red Cross—from my point of view of course.

Being from Colorado, I’m used to dealing with thunderstorms, tornadoes and snow, but living in Southern Indiana for the past four years has exposed me to sides of Mother Nature I never thought I would see. . . at least not in the Midwest. I’ve been through ice storms, “in-land hurricanes” and even an earthquake.

Now that I’m working directly with disaster response and preparedness in Kentuckiana, I expect my days to stay quite busy . . . look out for my blogs as we move through the seasons! I’m sure they will be interesting.

Friday, July 31, 2009

American Red Cross Chef Challenge Dinner- August 18th at Foxhollow Farms!

Our Red Cross center in Oldham County is holding a dinner to raise money for its food bank Tuesday, August 18 at Foxhollow Farms. The dining adventure will be orchestrated by Larry Agnew, executive chef at Avalon Restaurant.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun in the kitchen,” says Chef Agnew of Avalon on Bardstown Road. “We’re going to create an exciting meal that includes pantry staples and fresh summer ingredients, many from local farms like Foxhollow.”

The Oldham County Red Cross food bank, a Red Cross program unique to Oldham County, has seen an increase in demand for its services as the economy has faltered. It has served 327 Oldham county families this year, while maintaining a significant reserve of food for distribution in Oldham disasters like floods, tornadoes, or house fires. “The role we play is not to permanently support people,” says Rick Bissmeyer of OCRC. “It’s to give a helping hand in a time of crisis. We’re seeing more of that kind of thing in this tough economy, and our resources are stretched.”

Seating is limited, and reservations are required. Dinner is $75 per person, or groups can reserve a table (seats 8) for $600. All proceeds benefit the Oldham County Service Center of the Louisville Area Chapter. For more information, check out the link below or call (502) 222-0308. Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Special Red Cross Blood Drive tonight- win concert tickets!

Hello all- We've got a special blood drive going on this evening until 7PM. It's sponsored by KISS-FM and Kentucky Kingdom and takes place at the St. Matthews Community Center at 310 Ten Pen Ln. across from Mall St. Matthews.

Every person that donates receives a discount coupon for Kentucky Kingdom.

The first 25 that donate receive tickets to the VANS Warped Tour.

Finally, every person that donates has their name entered into a drawing for 2 Kentucky Kingdom tickets for Wednesday 7/29 for admission to the park PLUS 2 VIP seats right in front of the stage for the Spectacular Summer Concert Event that includes Gym Class Heroes, The Veronicas, Boys Like Girls, Never Shout Never, and The Academy Is.

Sorry for the short notice- we'll look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Take action now and sign the online petition Teach the Geneva Conventions in Our Nation's Schools!

The American Red Cross is gathering signatures for a new petition, Teach the Geneva Conventions in Our Nation's Schools!. We are trying to gather 100,000 signatures by August 12, 2009. The petition will be delivered to School District Superintendents to urge immediate action on this issue. You can help and it only takes 2 minutes.

Just follow the link below to sign the petition and your voice, combined with many others, will make a difference on this issue. We need you to stand up and make your voice heard – this issue is too important not to!

Thank you for your time and action!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Your Vote = Your Gift: Vote for the American Red Cross with Target’s Bullseye Gives Campaign

Target is hosting Bullseye Gives, a Facebook campaign running from now until May 25th, which allows people to vote online and decide which charities should receive a portion of its $3 million in charitable giving. Vote for the American Red Cross as your charity of choice and they will make a donation. The more votes a charity receives, the more money they get and it doesn’t cost you a cent! Vote today and everyday from now until May 25th. So get online and vote today!

To vote, simply do the following:

  1. Login or Sign Up on Facebook.

  2. Visit

  3. Click "Submit Vote" button next to Red Cross.

  4. If this is your first time voting, a box will appear that asks you to "Accept" this application. Please accept it. In subsequent voting, this step will be skipped and you’ll be navigated directly to step 6.

  5. A box will appear that allows you to type a message to your Facebook friends telling them why you chose to vote for the Red Cross and encouraging them to do the same. What you type in this box will appear in your friends’ news streams.

  6. That’s it! Congratulations! Repeat these steps every 24 hours through May 25.
    At the end of the contest, the percentage of votes each organization tallies will represent their portion of the $3 million. Final results will be announced May 26. Vote for the Red Cross and spread the word to your friends and family!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eat at Local Restaurants and Support the Red Cross!

Want to support the Red Cross? We’re partnering with two local restaurants to help support our services to our community!

Culver’s Restaurants Day of Giving

On Tuesday, May 12th, our local Culver’s Restaurants will be donating 10% of their store sales to the Louisville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross. The Day of Giving is a national Culver’s program, and this is the third year our Kentuckiana Culver’s franchisees have selected the Red Cross to be their beneficiary. Please consider having a meal or snack (they have great frozen custard!) at Culver’s on May 12th and support your local Red Cross. The locations are:

240 Federal Drive
Corydon, IN 47112

11801 Interchange Drive
Louisville, KY 40229

4630 Hurstbourne Parkway
Louisville, KY 40299

Cattleman’s Red Cross Benefit

On Monday, May 18th Cattleman’s Steakhouse in Shelbyville will be donating 10% of their lunch and dinner to our Shelby/Henry County Service Center. Come enjoy steak and silent auction packages! Customers are encouraged to present a coupon identifying themselves as supporters of the Red Cross. We've attached a version here- feel free to print it out. Cattleman’s is located at:

221 Breighton Circle
Shelbyville, KY 40065

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Story

Hello. My name is Jammie Carlisle and I am a proud Volunteer for the Louisville Area Chapter in Kentucky.

In 1991, as a young wife and Mother of two small children, we sustained a total loss house fire. Before the local fire department arrived on the scene, a Red Cross volunteer was in our driveway ready to provide assistance.Hours had gone by and the fire hoses had been wound tight. The firemen were finished with their investigation and the police cars had left the scene. Suddenly, we were alone to deal with our grief. But this stranger who had shown up out of no where was still standing with us. How did this person come to be when we didn’t call them, our neighbors didn’t call them and the fire department said they hadn’t called either? But yet, here he was. A simple man with the compassion of a priest and the patience of a Saint, he waited with us as the fire department tried to save our home, our belongings and our family pet.

In the end, nothing was salvageable. We were devastated, to say the least.As the volunteer asked us the many questions that fill up a 901 form (if you don’t know, just ask the next Red Cross Volunteer you encounter), we sat in disbelief. The hour was late and our insurance company was closed. Back then, you couldn’t make a report 24 hours a day. You were left to your own devices until such time that you could reach your agent. But wait…..there was still this man who seemed to just drop from the sky. When he had finished the paperwork, we had a place to lay our heads that night and we had resources to purchase food and clothing to sustain us until we could meet with our insurance adjuster.

Had it not been for that “Lone Ranger” on that day, I’m not sure what we would have done.As the days passed and the ashes settled, it was easy to reflect on what had transpired on that fateful day. It was like a movie playing over and over in my head. But the question still remained, where did the Red Cross man come from and how did he know that we were in need?

As I answered my own questions, it became clear to me at that time in my life that I HAD to pay it back. Over the years, the donation checks were easy to write but it never seemed like “enough”.I made up my mind that once my children were grown and I had the opportunity, time and resources, my donations would come in the form of time. I wanted to repay the compassion that had been shown to my family during our traumatic experience.

So I made the call……how do I become a volunteer? Of course, I never dreamed that my timing would fall on the heels of the worst disaster in US history. With my crash courses completed, standby was mode of each day and the nerves were crawling. Then came the call. I was going to Louisiana.

I flew into Baton Rouge on the day, AND specific moment, that Hurricane Rita hit. The pilot comes across the public address system and clearly says, “We either won’t land here ladies and gentleman or it will be hard and fast.” My heart was pounding so hard and there it was……..hard and fast!!!! The rain was blinding and the wind took your breath. I had flown into an area to assist Hurricane Katrina victims and was now in the middle of a hurricane. The storm lasted 2 full days, with many new volunteers on their first disaster relief operation, including me.

The excitement of being there to help those in need was offset by the fear of being in the middle of another massive storm.Once the storm cleared, the assistance process began. The days were long, sometimes upwards of 16 hours. The work was mentally and physically exhausting. But it is what came during those hours that really mattered. You had touched people’s lives by leaving your home and families, giving them hope that someone DID care; by eating, sleeping and breathing what the next challenge you would face. It was exhausting but yet intoxicating.I came home, the first time, from Louisiana completely spent. But when the call came again 9 days later, I did not hesitate to go out as a Supervisor in a Financial Assistance center in the middle of the 9th Ward of New Orleans.

I’ve seen the wild fires in California, the floods in the mid-west, the tornados in Georgia and at home – I currently serve as a DAT Captain.Since joining the Red Cross, I have trained numerous individuals to provide financial assistance to families in need. It is a true blessing to serve my community and to be able to “Pay It Forward”. Whenever a client asks what they can do in appreciation of the assistance we are providing, my response is and always will be, “call the Chapter office and ask how you can volunteer”.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Red Cross Month Contest Winners!

Hello all- Thanks to all those who participated in our Facebook Cause Recruiting Challenge for Red Cross month! We had 75 people recruit 418 friends during the month of March, and our cause has almost tripled in size. Keep it up! We’ll have other contests throughout the year, and as our cause keeps growing it sends a message about how much the Louisville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross means to you.

Since it was a competition, we did have winners! They are:

1st (with 25)- Christy Weaver

2nd (with 22)- Katie Schweizer

3rd (with 21 each)- Jackie Schank and Angela Disch

Christy will receive an emergency radio, Katie will receive a family first aid kit, and Jackie and Angela will both receive a Red Cross travel tote with keychain first aid kit. Congratulations!

Also, a big thank you to our top all-time Hall of Fame Recruiters: Ashley Warren and Angela Disch. Their support for the Red Cross (and seesaw battle for the top spot) has been amazing!

We’ll be sending out messages on Facebook from time to time about Red Cross news, volunteer opportunities, and training classes. And, watch here for additional stories and voices of our volunteers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

American Red Cross- Louisville Area Chapter Facebook Contest Update!

Hello everyone! Our Facebook Recruiting Contest is entering a second week and still going strong! Thank you to everyone who has recruited friends and joined our cause.

In the last seven days, you’ve been busy. You’ve recruited over 200 new friends to the American Red Cross- Louisville Area Chapter cause. Imagine what you can do over the next three weeks.

In the last seven days, we’ve been busy too. Our staff and volunteers gave assistance and relief to 8 families who had their homes destroyed by fire, trained 293 people in life-saving health and safety courses, helped 856 military families communicate with their loved ones overseas, and collected and delivered 3289 units of blood to local hospitals. Imagine what we do in a full year.

Joining our cause helps show how much the American Red Cross means to you and our Kentuckiana communities. The Hall of Fame on our home page shows our all-time ambassadors, but this contest just includes the month of March! So far we’ve had 44 people participate in the contest. Christy Weaver leads the way with 22 recruits, and 10 people have recruited 10 or more friends. Keep it up! The top three recruiters for the month of March win prizes! (first- ARC Eton emergency radio, second- ARC family first aid kit, third- ARC travel tote). Check it out at

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Join Our Facebook Recruiting Challenge for Red Cross Month!

Across the United States, March is recognized as American Red Cross Month. Communities depend on the Red Cross in times of need, and the Red Cross depends on the support of the American people to achieve its mission of helping Americans prevent, prepare for, and respond to large and small disasters.

This year we’re focusing on the volunteers and employees who demonstrate that compassion and generosity, and the we need your help to send a message to them about how much the Red Cross means to you. In honor of Red Cross Month, we’re holding a Facebook Cause recruitment challenge during the month of March. How high can we go? 500 members? 1000 members? It’s up to you.

Show your support for your Louisville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross by inviting your friends in Kentuckiana to our cause! As a little incentive, we’ll be giving away three prize packages (first place: Eton FR400 Red Cross Weather Radio; second place: family first aid kit; third place: Red Cross lunch tote, travel mug, and pocket first aid kit) to the three people who recruit the most new members during the month of March. To invite your friends, head on over to our Facebook cause (, join it, and click the Invite button below our logo. Good luck!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Photos from the Red Cross Response to the Ice Storm

The Louisville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross is coordinating the disaster relief operation for the majority of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as well as parts of Southern Indiana.

We'll have more information about the scope of our response soon, but here are some views of what the Red Cross has done in Kentucky so far.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The American Red Cross responds to the Ice Storm!

Want to know what Red Cross is doing to respond to the Ice Storm in Kentucky? Check out this video for stories from the Paducah Area Chapter.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

See Photos of our Shelby County Volunteers!

Visit the link below to check out our Shelby County Service Center and the great work they do!

Here are two of our youth volunteers with Sudsy Sam at the Shelby County Celebration of Lights in November.