Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Water! Water! Everywhere!

I’ve only been with the chapter for a month, and this week was my first experience with disaster response. Since noon on Tuesday, my days have been filled with constant news updates and ringing phones. Why since only noon you may ask. Well, my role in responding to the disaster was delayed by my own flooding issue.

Finally outside the protective bubble of my alma mater, I attempted to drive my Volkswagen Beetle through three to four feet of water. That was at 8:30 a.m., before everyone had realized just how serious and extensive the storm was.

As rain continued to batter Kentuckiana, I searched for a service center to repair my flooded engine and quickly became absorbed in my own problem. Little did I know, my co-workers at the American Red Cross were worrying about my whereabouts even as many of them were busy answering phones and hard at work setting up shelters.

When I walked into the office at 11 a.m., I found everyone relieved to see me. That’s when I realized that my new position not only made me part of an organization, but a family as well. The staff and volunteers at the Red Cross are a very diverse group of people with a common goal—helping others.

The flooding gave me my first real taste of what being a member of the Red Cross “team” is all about. And just in case I forgot to say it before, thanks to everyone in Disaster Services for your concern. :D You guys rock!