Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Road to Recovery

The recovery process has begun and things are getting back to normal around here, well, as normal as you can get in disaster response. We closed our last shelter yesterday after ensuring everyone had a place to stay. But even with the shelters closed, our volunteers are still hard at work distributing clean-up kits and giving out referrals.

Friday I got a chance to tag along on one of our clean-up kit runs. While the size of the ERV (Emergency Response Vehicle) and LERV (. . . Giant Water Truck) may have been intimidating, the Red Cross symbol on the side of each vehicle let people know help had arrived.
Some were already busy cleaning up after the storm; others got to work as soon as they had a broom and bucket in hand.

Everyone we delivered to was happy to see us, and at the risk of sounding cheesey, I must admit the thanks we received made the heat, humidity and zig-zag streets of Louisville much easier to deal with.

And now that we're on the road to recovery, I have only one personal request: No more rain!