Thursday, October 27, 2011

Volunteer Recognition Luncheon

Today the Louisville Area Chapter is honoring the many volunteers who donate their time to fulfilling the Red Cross mission. Over the past year, our volunteers have travelled across the country responding to hurricanes, wildfires and floods. They have helped train thousands in life-saving skills like CPR and First Aid. Some used their own training to help save a life.

“Our volunteers do amazing things each and every day in our community,” says Manager of Volunteer Services, Paul Beede. “Oftentimes, they are too modest about their service. This awards luncheon is one way that we can recognize our highest performing volunteers and convey how much we appreciate their work.”

Nearly 30 volunteers will be awarded for their dedication to both chapter and blood services at today's event. Three nominees are up for the Clara Barton Honor Award for Meritorious Volunteer Leadership:

Allen Corbin, a board member and leadership volunteer for the Oldham County Service Center, has been involved with the Red Cross since 1999, helping develop preparedness programs and coordinate fundraisers such as the Heroes Campaign and Chef Challenge.
Jacob Rutledge was part of a team of UPS workers who helped clean up the Louisville Hurricane Gustav shelter in 2008. Since then he has spoken at many events on behalf of the Red Cross and is the current Chair of the Crossing Generations Society.
Husband and wife Gary and Julie Foster are co-chairs for the Bullitt/Spencer County Disaster team. The pair are mentors to new disaster volunteers and support Red Cross fundraisers such as the annual Golf Scramble and Valentine’s Gala in Bullitt County.

Nominees for awards such as the Volunteer Rookie and Virginia T. Keeney Volunteer of the Year will also be recognized. Thanks to all of our volunteers for generously donating their time and passion to our cause!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weeks 8 & 9: Not a happy camper

Some might say I'm not a "true" Coloradan. Growing up on the Eastern plains, I never experienced skiing, hiking (in the Rockies) or camping. On occasional visits to my home state, I would like to eventually snowboard and hike the Barr Trail to the top of Pikes Peak, but I don't think I'll ever have an urge to camp in the mountains—or anywhere else for that matter.

It's not that I lack a sense of adventure, I just value the finer things in life, like, for instance, running water. We use it not only to drink, but to wash our hands, bathe, brush our teeth, etc., etc. These are all things to consider when building your disaster kit. Your favorite shampoo/conditioner, deodorant to keep you fresh (and so clean, clean) and a toothbrush and paste to keep the cavities and scolding from your dentist at bay.

While writing this post, I came up with a fabulous idea for collecting toiletry items for your kit. When you're not on the road, consider storing your travel kit in your disaster kit. This will save you cash and time when you're packing up to visit Grandma or to go on a weekend trip. You can also bring your multi-purpose kit along if you decide to go camping, you know, if you like that sort of thing.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Partnership approaches 50th Anniversary

This year’s Metro United Way campaign marks the 50th anniversary of the partnership between Metro United Way and the Louisville Area Chapter. In 1961, representatives from the chapter and Metro United Way (then known as the Community Chest) met to arrange a more effective fundraising campaign to benefit both organizations. They called the campaign the “United Appeal.” Since the partnership began, it has helped raise more than $78 million for the Red Cross allowing the chapter to focus more of its efforts on delivering its humanitarian services.

“The partnership is stronger now than it ever has been, and it continues to make our community stronger as a result,” said Chapter CEO Keith Alvey. “We look forward to continuing the partnership for years to come.”

The American Red Cross workplace campaign to benefit Metro United Way begins Monday, October 17. Over the years, we've had some crazy "FUN"draisers. Check out some of our photos from 2010.

Quack, Quack! Employees paid to duck each others offices. We have our fair share of pranksters at the LAC.

Raggedy Ann. Employees participated in a crazy hair contest.

As the chapter's unofficial photographer, I'm looking forward to some great photo ops this year. ;) To learn more about Metro United Way, its mission and funded agencies, please visit their website.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weeks 6&7: Two kits in one

If you have ever attended the state fair, Pegasus Parade or other sizeable event in the Louisville Area, there is a good chance that you have seen and possibly even received help from a member of the Red Cross First Aid Services Team (FAST). The team of 50 members attends more than 100 events each year to provide First Aid to an average of 3,200 people.

While we love our FAST members, they will not always be around with their endless supply of band-aids, gauze and antiseptic wipes. This is why the Red Cross encourages everyone to keep a First Aid Kit in their home, car and even at work. A great place to keep said First Aid Kit is in your new Disaster Kit. During disasters, you or a loved one might suffer injuries that need tending to before help arrives.

Check out weeks 6&7 of our 21 Weeks to Prepare shopping list for items that could come in handy in case of an injury. Also keep in mind medications and special needs for yourself or others in your family.

Download 21 Weeks to Prepare Shopping List