Saturday, October 3, 2009

Information, Retention, and Inspiration. An Americorps kickoff

The members of Americorps drove to Lexington, Thursday, to go through training and officially kick off the year of public service for their respective posts.

The banquet hall was larger than I expected. There were Americorps from various locations and organizations. It felt like our own little United Nations.

We sat at our table and listened to the head of the Americorps in KY. and watched the posting of colors before we ate.

After we ate we had a motivational speaker, Jay McChord, talk to us about making a difference. He talked to us about his life. He also talked to us about who we were and what we could do.

After McChord was done talking we broke to check in and rest some before we started our training.

The three classes I chose for kickoff were "Working with the Media" presented by Angela Baldridge, "Disaster Preparedness" by David Clark, and "Prevent ,Prepare, and Respond," by Joe Proctor.

I took the media class on Thursday and the other two on Friday.

During the weekend I bonded with my coworkers, received training and made a pledge to do my best to represent Americorps and the Red Cross.

The weekend ended with Hasan Davis telling us his life story. As McChord, he told us how we will make a difference. I have to say, it was moving and gave me a stronger sense of purpose.

So I will spend the next year doing my best to help my community, to represent the Red Cross and Americorps in a positive light and leave knowing I made my little part of America a little bit better...