Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Join Our Facebook Recruiting Challenge for Red Cross Month!

Across the United States, March is recognized as American Red Cross Month. Communities depend on the Red Cross in times of need, and the Red Cross depends on the support of the American people to achieve its mission of helping Americans prevent, prepare for, and respond to large and small disasters.

This year we’re focusing on the volunteers and employees who demonstrate that compassion and generosity, and the we need your help to send a message to them about how much the Red Cross means to you. In honor of Red Cross Month, we’re holding a Facebook Cause recruitment challenge during the month of March. How high can we go? 500 members? 1000 members? It’s up to you.

Show your support for your Louisville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross by inviting your friends in Kentuckiana to our cause! As a little incentive, we’ll be giving away three prize packages (first place: Eton FR400 Red Cross Weather Radio; second place: family first aid kit; third place: Red Cross lunch tote, travel mug, and pocket first aid kit) to the three people who recruit the most new members during the month of March. To invite your friends, head on over to our Facebook cause (http://www.causes.com/louisvilleredcross), join it, and click the Invite button below our logo. Good luck!