Thursday, August 2, 2012

Youth Programs return to Louisville Area Chapter

We are excited to announce the re-boot of a chapter Youth Program for volunteers ages 12-17. Youth volunteers will now have the opportunity to get involved with the Red Cross in one of three ways: volunteer individually, join a Red Cross Club or partner with the Red Cross through a separate group or club (e.g. Girl Scouts, Civil Air Patrol).

Leading the chapter program is Youth Coordinator Kristen Lawrence. Kristen is a Louisville native who graduated from the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Before coming to the Red Cross, she worked with the YMCA Youth Achievers and the Louisville Youth Advocates, a group that petitions for policy change in west Louisville neighborhoods.

Having both participated in and led community groups such as the YMCA Leader’s Club and Black Achievers, Kristen is familiar with effective youth programs and understands what draws youth to participate in clubs—things like hands-on experience, networking opportunities and making friends.

“A lot of [youth] genuinely want to make a difference—not just for the name, but because they want to do something good,” said Kristen.

Currently, Kristen is meeting with youth coordinators throughout the Louisville region to collect ideas and best practices. Once the Louisville Area Chapter program is fully up and running, she hopes to collaborate with other groups to develop a region-wide event or initiative.

At this time, the program is in its recruiting phase. Once registered, new volunteers attend a youth volunteer orientation where they learn the history of the Red Cross, participate in games and learn about volunteer opportunities. If you know someone between the ages of 12 and 17 that is interested in becoming a Red Cross youth volunteer, please contact Kristen at (502) 561-3608 or e-mail