Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome Home Bobble Barton!

Bobble Barton outside her new home, the American Red Cross Louisville Area Chapter.
Back in June, we came across a story about collectible bobble heads handed out by the Hagerstown Suns, a minor league baseball team in Hagerstown, Maryland. We all love a good bobble head, but this one is particularly special—it is modeled in the likeness of our very own American Red Cross founder, Clara Barton.

It just so happens that our Manager of Volunteer Services, Paul Beede, has family in the D.C. area. Upon hearing about the existence of “Bobble Barton,” Paul’s grandmother Phyllis went on a quest to find one. Her search led her to the Washington County Maryland Red Cross where executive director, Julie Barr-Strasburg, graciously presented Phyllis with her very own Clara Barton bobble head.

Thanks to both Phyllis and Julie, Bobble Barton has a new home here in Louisville. It’s not in Clara’s nature to sit around on a shelf all day, so she will be pitching in at various chapter activities. Clara has a love for historical trivia and charitable actions, so we’ve given her a few goodies to give away as she makes new friends. Follow her excursions on our Facebook and Twitter pages (#bobblebarton) and keep an eye out for opportunities to win.