Monday, July 23, 2012

Civil Air Patrol Cadets Volunteer with Red Cross

Members of the Civil Air Patrol pose for a photo after taking Disaster Services Overview at the Louisville Area Chapter.
Local squadrons with the Civil Air Patrol are partnering with the American Red Cross to serve the Kentuckiana community. More than 30 cadets, ages 12-21, have already completed Red Cross Disaster Services Overview and will have the opportunity to enroll in specialty training in the coming months. Additional training includes shelter operations, shelter management and damage assessment.

Part of the Civil Air Patrol’s mission is to provide emergency services to the community, so the partnership is a natural fit. A fit recognized by Civil Air Patrol Squadron Commander Mike Weimer who has volunteered with Red Cross blood services for the past year.

“One of [Civil Air Patrol’s] core values is volunteer service,” said Weimer, “so anytime we can help the community with blood drives or peer disaster preparedness programs –any experience we can pick up for the cadets that involves training and community service is always a value.”

Weimer hopes that the partnership will allow the cadets to gain hands-on experience in the area of disaster response. In the meantime, his group is happy to get as much disaster response training as possible and help the Red Cross with everyday volunteer needs.

The Civil Air Patrol is a congressionally chartered, federally funded non-profit that serves as an auxiliary to the United States Air Force. The organization’s three main functions are emergency services, aerospace education and cadet training. There are no special requirements to join the Civil Air Patrol. For more information on the group, visit their website.

Red Cross disaster services training is offered year-round to registered Red Cross volunteers. If you would like more information on becoming a Red Cross volunteer at the Louisville Area Chapter, please call (502) 561-3601.