Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat

As a kid, I had two go-to Halloween costumes: princess and cheerleader. Not only was it always super easy to find a costume, but it was easy on the budget. Each year I would change it up a bit. Once I added wings to be a fairy princess, another time I transformed into a zombie cheerleader with the help of a little make-up.

Another tradition I came upon early was falling down along the trick-or-treat path, which always led to scraped knees or sprained ankles.

It never hurt to be prepared for anything (including snowstorms). Here are a few tips to help you and your family have a safe Halloween.

The Lucky 13
1. Map out the route that you plan to roam, so adults are assured you will find your way home!
2. From the bravest of superheroes to the noblest of knights, everyone should remember to bring their flashlights!
3. If you visit a house where a stranger resides, accept treats at the door and, please, don’t go inside.
4. When you get ready to put on your disguise, use face paint instead of masks, which will cover your eyes.
5. Always remember, before you embark, to wear light-colored clothing to be seen in the dark! (And remember to use reflective tape, even on bikes, skateboards and brooms!)
6. Whether you walk, slither or sneak, do it on the sidewalks and not in the street.
7. As you roam through the neighborhood collecting your treats, please look both ways before crossing the street! (And cross from the corner!)
8. Wigs, capes and costumes are flammable attire, so avoid open flames to prevent a fire!
9. Use a glow stick instead of a candle so your jack-o-lantern isn’t a safety gamble!
10. You may fly on a broom or a space ship from Mars, but please be on the lookout for drivers in cars! (And don’t hide between parked vehicles).
11. Monsters and zombies should stay off the lawn, and only visit homes with their porch lights turned on!
12. You may be dressed as a werewolf, a cat or a frog, but be cautious around strange animals, especially dogs.
13. Have a grown-up inspect your candy when you’re done trick-or-treating to remove open packages and choking hazards before eating.

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