Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fire Burnin'

New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits. Everyone knows that part of the story thanks to LFO (RIP Rich Cronin), but one of my favorite NKOTB stories has to do with a “new kid” allegedly starting a fire that threatened a treasured Louisville landmark—the Seelbach Hotel.

I’ll let you choose whether or not to read the whole story, but in a nutshell, back in 1991 “new kid” Donnie Wahlberg was accused of starting a fire outside another guest’s room in retaliation to a noise complaint. The fire left nothing more than a small burn on the hotel’s carpet. Unfortunately, not all hotel fires end so well.

Check out this footage from a fire at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas circa 1980. 85 people died and 700 were injured. The fire triggered the creation of many new fire safety requirements. If you’re short on time, skip ahead to the 6:30 mark for a few tips on fire safety during hotel stays.

Thanks to NFPA for posting the video.

As for Donnie Wahlberg, while googling I was unable to discover the final charges in his case, but the “new kid” is currently starring in “Blue Bloods” on CBS. The Associated Press announced Monday that Donnie just finalized a divorce from his wife of ten years. Gossip sites are reporting that he doesn’t seem too upset. I guess the fire in their relationship had burned out.


Mary said...

Great post! Hilarious!