Thursday, October 7, 2010

Red Cross Responds to Apartment Fire

Red Cross workers responded to an apartment fire that affected multiple units this morning in Louisville. While only one apartment was destroyed, others suffered from smoke damage. The Red Cross is providing three families with their immediate emergency needs including food, clothing and temporary shelter.

The Red Cross encourages everyone to practice fire safety and prevention every day. Two ways to prevent home fires from occurring are to:

1. Install smoke alarms. There should be one on each floor of your home and outside each bedroom or sleeping area. Test them once a month and replace batteries once a year.
2. Create an emergency escape plan. Identify two exits from each room of your home, and pick a meeting spot outside of your home where members of your household can gather after an emergency. Practice the plan twice a year.

Members of Red Cross Disaster Action Teams (DAT) are made up of volunteers and are on call 24/7 to assist those affected by home fires. If you would like to join and help support others in their time of need, please call 561-3601.