Monday, November 1, 2010

Lions, ninja’s and princesses oh my…

The Red Cross passed out close to 600 bags with candy and disaster preparedness brochures to kids attending the trick or treat at the Mall of St. Matthews and Oxmoor Mall Halloween night.

It was the second year I participated, and it was interesting, as always. It never ceases to amaze me the ingenuity of kids or how something as simple as a piece of candy can bring joy to a child’s face. Although we passed out candy, it wasn’t all for the kids.

We also passed out Halloween safety tips, fire safety brochures (October is fire safety month) along with brochures for making a plan and making a kit.

Overall it was a great experience and something I hope the Red Cross continues. Along with the candy the kids received, I hope the parents took home with them the understanding of the importance of being prepared for disasters and the knowledge that the Red Cross is here to help.