Wednesday, November 17, 2010


With You-Know-Who on the loose, Harry Potter knows he needs to be prepared for disaster at all times—whether it is natural, man-made or death-eater induced. Lucky for him, he has the ultimate disaster kit.

Used with the right spell, Harry’s wand can serve a multitude of purposes including but not limited to:
  • Light source (Lumos)
  • Water producer (Aguamenti)
  • Scissors/Knife (Diffindo)
  • Fire creator (Incendio)
Wands can even serve as a personal nurse practitioner, showcasing impressive First Aid skills to combat even the worst curses:
  • Repairs injuries (Episkey)
  • Heimlich maneuver (Anapneo)
But even Harry Potter can’t tend to the sick or injured without proper training. Not to worry. Just because you didn’t get your Hogwarts letter doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. The Red Cross is here to help us muggles prepare for emergencies. Enroll in a Red Cross health and safety course today by calling 502-561-3605.

Also make sure you’re prepared for disaster by packing your kit ahead of time. For a full list of disaster kit items, go to

Before departing on a mission to save the wizarding world in “Deathly Hallows,” Harry packs up his basic needs along with a few special belongings. What special item(s) would you carry with you during a disaster? Post your comments below.


Mary said...

Great post! I <3 HP!