Friday, July 15, 2011

The Last Midnight Show

Last November, I blogged about the convenience of a wand when it comes to preparedness. (A fashionable beaded handbag with an extendable curse doesn't hurt to have around either. Talk about the world's best disaster kit.) Along with millions of other Harry Potter fanatics, I braved the midnight show one last time to see the conclusion of the series.

While it was likely the last midnight show I'll ever attend, I figured I would pass on a few preparedness tips for those who are filling theaters across the world this afternoon and evening. Here are a few things you should bring along when attending a Harry Potter movie.

~Tissues. I will stop there just in case you haven't read the books. Note: Guys included. You know, to get that salt out of your eyes.
~Water Bottle. Let's face it. Unless you arrive over an hour early and hop into the concession line first thing, you're going to risk missing the show for that half gallon-refillable fountain drink. Pack some water instead. (small enough to fit in your bag of course.) Toss in a bag of M&M's or trail mix while you're at it.
~Sweater. While it is 90 degrees outside, that usually means it's about 50 in the theatre or any other public location.
~Pack of cards. Unless you have a smart phone--I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't--you will likely get bored standing in line for an hour. Personally, I prefer Phase10. This of course is not as critical if you have . . .
~A friend. or 2 or 3. One of the best parts of the movie is sharing your reactions and opinions afterward.

And, without further ado, the most important thing to bring along . . .
~Common Courtesy. Proclamation Theatre Decree No. 1 :
No line cutting, cell phone ringing, bright lights from texting, or unecessary loud chatter will be tolerated. Perhaps Umbridge should take up ushering at the movies.