Monday, June 27, 2011

Local volunteer joins relief efforts in Joplin

Yet another of our Louisville Area Chapter volunteer's deployed this past weekend to help a disaster affected community. On Saturday morning Israel Pinkney, a retired Army veteran, hopped on a plane to Missouri where he will join the relief efforts in Joplin. The town was hit by a catastrophic tornado in May that took the lives of more than 150 people. Israel is now among the more than 800 Red Cross workers who have responded to the relief operation in Joplin.

This month marks Israel's one year anniversary as a Red Cross volunteer. In that short time, he has become a familiar face attending monthly meetings, volunteering at the Pegasus Parade and local health fairs, and, of course, helping respond to local disasters. During an onslaught of spring storms, Israel was deployed to Radcliff, KY where he worked in a shelter for displaced families.

While in Joplin, Israel will be part of mass care, helping provide shelter and food for those whose homes were destroyed. The Ozarks Red Cross is providing the community with frequent updates on Red Cross response. Please visit their blog for the most up to date information on Joplin relief efforts.