Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet Trish Tindall!

In our fourth National Volunteer Week profile, we're proud to introduce Trish Tindall, a volunteer with our Shelby County Service Center. Interview conducted by Anna Rosales, Americorps Member.

What do you do for the Red Cross?

I’m a volunteer, and I work with Angela and several others on fundraising for Shelby and Henry Counties. I put on the fishing tournament each year in Taylorsville to raise funds for anything that goes on in Shelby and Henry counties. I already have the 2010 tournament scheduled for September 25, and have phone calls from people wanting to participate. I’m hoping the tournament will be a lot bigger this year.

This past year I was also nominated to the board which I felt was a real honor.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job duties with the Red Cross?

Just being involved in the community, and letting people know what the Red Cross stands for. Red Cross is something everybody needs to get involved in to support the community. I have a 4-year-old grandson, and he loves going to Red Cross events.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for the Red Cross?

I work at American Founders Bank in Shelbyville, and I am co-owner of Todd’s Auto Repair. When I’m not at the bank, I’m at the shop. That’s where all the Red Cross flyers go up. A lot of guys that fish come in, and I’m always passing out information.

From May to the first of November, I’m at the campground nearly every weekend. At Cummins Ferry I help out with activities. We’re having a kid’s activity day with the fire department, National Guard and Sheriff’s Department. I’m also trying to get someone to take the kids on a nature walk.

What does it mean to you to be a Red Cross volunteer?

It gives me great pleasure being able to help the community, and being able to help others. I think Angela and Vicki are doing a great job in Shelby and Henry counties. The volunteers of Shelby and Henry counties are fantastic!

Why did you decide to volunteer for the Red Cross, and how long have you been a volunteer?

I started volunteering in 2008. I had a blood transfusion, and I know how important it is to give blood. When I was 21 years old, I was in a bad car wreck and needed blood; if it hadn’t been for the American Red Cross, I might not be here.

How has this experience changed your life?

It makes me appreciate things more—to know that there are people out there that care.

What has been the most memorable thing you have seen working with the Red Cross?

I would have to say the smiles on kids’ faces when they know that somebody cares. Working at the fairs and being at the parades. The kids love it. I love watching kids come up to our Red Cross mascot, Scrubby Bear, and ask “Can we have our picture taken?”

Thanks Trish, we're lucky to have you as a volunteer! To see some photos of our Shelby/Henry County team in action (and Scrubby Bear!), visit To join them as a volunteer, contact Angela Disch at (502) 633-2486.