Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet Mark Kovatch!

In our second National Volunteer week profile, we're proud to interview Mark Kovatch, a volunteer for the Louisville Area Chapter. This interview conducted by Shannon Burnett, a Crossing Generations and Red Cross Social Media Team member.

What do you do for the Red Cross?

I’ve been a volunteer for the Red Cross for approximately six years, beginning as a Board Member and, more recently, as a volunteer for special projects. I’m able to bring my over 30 years of corporate business experience to the table, and am currently assisting Keith Alvey, Chapter CEO, by providing support on various business projects at the chapter.

I also have a special passion for the AFES (Armed Forces Emergency Services) program and donate my time to that endeavor. I’ve never forgotten my experience of being assisted by the Red Cross AFES program. I felt this program was too well kept a secret, and decided to volunteer in support of it. I’ve worked with Joann Risky, who directs the program.

Is there something that you think would surprise people about your job? A “Wow” or “Gee-Whiz” factor?

Few people know that the Louisville call center is one of the largest call centers in the United States!

What does it mean to you to be a Red Cross volunteer?

I’m attracted to volunteer for the Red Cross because of its “purity of mission.” I enjoy being part of an organization that provides such valuable services to the community. Everyone cheers you on, because they know you are at work to make things better.

What has been the most memorable thing you have seen working with the Red Cross?

My most memorable event is a very personal one. When I was a 19 year old on active duty with the Navy, I received the difficult news that my father had suddenly passed away. The Red Cross’s AFES program stepped up to enable me to navigate the red tape and allow me to return home to deal with my father’s passing. They made it effortless, and I think it’s a valuable service to military servicemen and their families.

Thank you Mark, we're lucky to have you as a volunteer! If you're interested in becoming a Red Cross Hero like Mark, contact our Volunteer Office at 561-3770 or a Red Cross office near you.