Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chardonnay & Charity

My first interaction with wine was not exactly a positive experience. The astringent, red, house wine of Harlaxton Manor left a bad taste in my mouth, triggering a boycott during my four-months studying abroad. It was during a wine tasting party over a year later that I discovered my love for fruity and crisp Rieslings. Since then, I've even branched out into a few reds. I invite anyone (of age, of course) to expand their own wine boundaries at the August 25 summer gathering of Louisville Uncorked.

Louisville Uncorked is a social event held seasonally in various locations. While it is mainly a great way to have fun and network, the Host Committee of Uncorked also chooses a non-profit to benefit from the proceeds. This time around, the American Red Cross will have the honor of receiving collected donations. If you would like to attend to help support the Red Cross and have a good time, visit Uncorked's website to RSVP (REQUIRED) and learn more about the rules of the event.

With only four events a year, the Uncorked calendar fills up quickly, but the resolve of Crossing Generations member Brian Settles paid off. Brian, an attorney with Fultz Maddox Hovious & Dickens PLC, hopes the event will help promote Red Cross services and expand the membership of Crossing Generations, the chapter's young professionals group.

Crossing Generations is a self-governing society that engages young professionals in the mission of the Red Cross. Member benefits include networking, personal and professional development, and mentorships with board members. Some have even gone on to join the Red Cross Board of Directors. The group is always looking for new members and meets on the second Tuesday of each month. If you or someone you know is interested in joining, please send an e-mail to


Crossing Generations said...

can't wait until Thursday! Brian and other CG members deserve big kudos for their determination to make this event a reality.