Thursday, August 25, 2011

21 Weeks to Prepare

When disaster strikes, there is rarely time to think about what you need to grab in order to survive. If you are lucky, your home and family will walk away unscathed. The next day you'll go back to work, chauffeuring to school and practices, thinking about what to cook for dinner. Others aren't so lucky. The disaster destroyed their home and memories. They don't have food, clothing or shelter let alone a car to get them around or a stove to cook meals.

At the Red Cross, we like to prepare for the worst. You might call us pessimists, but if our knack for getting the community ready for worst case scenarios helps one family recover following a disaster, or, more importantly, survive during a disaster, then we are happy to serve as your glass half-empty friend.

Starting next Thursday, September 1, we will kick off 21 Weeks to Prepare—a social media campaign to help families and individuals build their own emergency disaster kit. Originally created by a team of Red Cross workers in Bowling Green, KY, 21 Weeks to Prepare breaks up the task of building a disaster kit to help everyone prepare in a way that is economically friendly.

On Thursdays leading up to our 21st week (January 19, 2012) we will blog on a group of items you can buy to build your disaster kit. Our twitter page will also post items and tips. Please help us spread the word, and follow our blog and twitter page for weekly updates. Together, we can help prepare Kentuckiana!