Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introducing Chef Railey

Chef John Railey
Executive Chef at Glen Oaks Country Club
Sullivan University alumni

Railey began his career in cooking 16 years ago in the military, but he also has experience in canned goods, Ramen noodles and other common pantry items having experimented with them as a kid.

Chef Railey on creating the menu for "An Oldham County Dining Adventure":

I’m definitely not afraid to get into the canned goods and potted meats. My dad was a military man as well for 36, 37 years. When I was a kid, he would come home from summer camp with the canned meats, so it was always fun to come home and get rewarded with the leftovers he brought back. We always played with the things that he had. With the military it was always mystery meat, so you sit there and play with whatever was in the package. It may say SPAM, but when you opened it up, it was something green. You don’t know if it had sat there or if it was a vegetable, but you would always make the most of it, and you made a meal out of it.

Even when I was on my own and trying to make ends meet, I can remember one of my first meals of Ramen noodles I thought was so awesome—I melted cheese in it. And I thought I was really cooking then, with Ramen noodles and melted cheese, but I really kicked that up a notch.

I want the challenge to show people that what they have in their pantries they can make a meal out of, and be just as tasteful as going out and spending 30, 40 dollars for a family or for other groceries to bring into the house. I look at this to be fun as well as an educational experience for the individuals that are going to attend the fundraiser.

Be on the lookout for menu hints as we get closer to the event date.