Thursday, September 6, 2012

Disaster Preparedness Kit: Bobble Barton

Bobble Barton is Red Cross Ready.
We love the color coordination.

This September marks my fourth Preparedness Month with the Red Cross. (Eeeek!) One year we focused on the three basic steps to being prepared:  Build a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed. Last year, we introduced 21 Weeks to Prepare, offering suggestions on building a fully stocked disaster kit. Something that 21 Weeks to Prepare strongly encouraged was customizing your disaster kit to fit your needs.

Some families have babies or small children; others have multiple pets that must be taken care of. Some take medication essential to their health or have a family member with special needs.  These are all things to consider when planning for a disaster. To have a little fun, we’ve decided to take a look at how some people might customize their disaster kits, starting with our very own American Red Cross founder, Clara Barton.

Bobble Barton is a practical gal. She keeps things basic and light that way she doesn’t have to tote around a heavy bag while out in the field helping affected residents.

Her must-haves:
  • water
  • beef jerky
  • extra set of clothing
  • First Aid Kit (just in case someone is injured)
  • closed-toe work boots
  • hair pins (because you can’t have your hair in your face while dressing wounds)
  • pen and notebook (to take down names of people that have been separated from their families. We need to get her trained in Safe and Well.)
Just in case:
  • rain boots
  • wool socks
What else do you think Clara would have in her disaster kit? Post your suggestions in the comments below. Anyone who offers a suggestion will be entered to win a prize :)

Visit for a complete list of tips on how to prepare your family today!


jennysue said...

Flashlight and batteries

Anna said...

Flashlight and extra batteries are a must! @jennysue, you are our winner! Please send an e-mail to or for more information on your prize. Please include the word "Preparedness" in the subject line.