Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Volunteer Gets Wrapped in Red - Erin Hall

The revival of an annual Red Cross gala in 2011 gave the Louisville Area Chapter an opportunity to involve volunteers in new activities. Both new and veteran volunteers worked together to make the inaugural Wrapped in Red Gala a memorable event to raise funds for Red Cross community disaster programs.

Erin at the 2012 Gala
After a six year hiatus, the Louisville Area Chapter gala returned to the Derby City. Renamed the “Wrapped in Red Gala,” the event’s planning committee was determined to make it bigger and better than its predecessor – “The Gatsby Gala.”

“It was a great opportunity to make a statement and get the gala off on the right foot,” said Erin Hall, Chair of the Gala’s Design & Décor committee.

Erin and her team made the look and layout defining elements of the inaugural Wrapped in Red Gala, creating an ocean of red to welcome guests as they entered the ballroom of the Louisville Marriott Downtown. Red fabric draped every table, chair and corner and glowing candlelight created a cozy setting among the tables.

The 2011 Wrapped in Red Gala
“We really tried to convey, through the gala, the warmth the Red Cross provides to the community,” she said.

Receiving rave reviews from guests and Louisville’s social enthusiast Angie Fenton of the Voice-Tribune, Erin agreed to lead the Design & Décor committee for a second term. Expectations were high following a successful first year, but Erin and her team rose to the occasion, adding new, unique touches to create a new look and experience.

The Chivari chairs and centerpieces added a bit of silver to this year's Gala. Guests of the Red Lounge were invited to participate in extra fun at the Magnolia Photo Booth.

Erin has become a regular volunteer at the Louisville Area Chapter. She joined the young professionals group Crossing Generations in March of 2011. Through the group, she has helped with fundraising events such as Louisville Uncorked and the Old Kentucky Home Tour Sag Stop operated by Red Cross workers. In October, Erin received a Volunteer Rookie award at the annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

During the March tornado response, she helped with local telethons. In the future, she hopes to become more involved with disaster response. Erin has also become a regular blood donor, something she said she would not have done before becoming a Red Cross volunteer.

“The more you learn about the Red Cross, the more ways you see how to get involved,” she said. “You can make a difference as an individual, a couple of hours at a time.”

Erin plans to continue to volunteer with the Red Cross because she sees a need in the community and enjoys working with the Red Cross staff.

“Once you step foot in the building and understand the impact Red Cross has on the community, it’s hard to walk away."