Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weeks 4 & 5: TP to the Rescue!

If you follow our blog, you might recall local disaster volunteer, Joe Brennan, sharing his packing method before heading to South Dakota to assist flood relief efforts:

“Within 20 minutes, I can pack,” Joe says. “I have it all in a box—everything from toothpaste, to toilet paper, to shirts. When I give an orientation, I tell people, “You never know.”

I'm guessing the part that caught my attention also caught yours—toilet paper! I, for one, would have never thought of it before my conversation with Joe. His philosophy is a good one to follow when building your disaster kit. Also pack soap and hand sanitizer. It might be a while before you have access to a proper wash room, so this is crucial in preventing the spread of germs.

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