Thursday, April 7, 2011

LAC volunteers donate 90K+ hours in 2010

For more than 30 years, Red Cross workers have set up seating at the Pegasus parade for 450 elderly persons and people with disabilities who may not otherwise get to enjoy the event.

Each year the Independent Sector assigns an estimated dollar value to an hour of volunteer time. For 2010, the estimated value was $21.36, meaning that volunteers at the Louisville Area Chapter spent nearly $2 million worth of time giving back to their community.

Whether they are responding to a house fire at 3 a.m. or teaching a life-saving health and safety course at 3 p.m., volunteers are an invaluable component of the Red Cross organization. They dedicate their time and efforts to helping the community prepare for and respond to emergencies.

April is National Volunteer Month, and the Louisville Area Chapter gives thanks to all volunteers for their dedication to the Red Cross mission. Check in throughout the month of April, as we pay tribute to a few of our extraordinary volunteers.