Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LAC responds to Kentucky flooding

Mother Nature is at it again, this time hammering southern Kentucky and counties surrounding Louisville with over 10 inches of rain in some areas. Our friends based in Bardstown and Bowling Green are seeing the most damage caused by overflowing rivers. Even though the full extent of the flood damage has yet to be determined, Red Cross volunteers from across the state are mobilizing to help those in need.

Many people in the Boston and New Haven areas are unable to access their homes, leaving them without food and clean clothing. A team of volunteers traveled from the Louisville Area Chapter to Marion County this morning to provide food and water for stranded residents via an ERV (Emergency Response Vehicle). More volunteers are preparing to deploy as news from disaster assessment teams comes in, and our client caseworkers are already meeting with flood victims to ensure their immediate emergency needs are met.

Stay tuned to the LAC blog for reports on the chapter’s response to the widespread flooding.